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Since its inception Pangolin is half machine & half beast.

If the industrial age has been the exaltation of mechanical design, the fate of our postmodern civilization is the return towards the organic.

Pangolin’s design is both, born and made.

Caught between the darkness of the Industrial mechanical age and the prophecy of a biotech future, for some it has this angular, intimidating silhouette, for others it is these practical and inventive biomimetic lines.

For the “Renegade” devotees, it is a certain worn quality that suggests unfamiliar alien materials, a refined protective shell for lost souls.

A nihilistic battle between the herd and the free individual is taking place.

It is a matter of survival.


The brand's unique design proposition has been noted and featured early on, not only in the press, but also in the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men, and won prizes and design awards.




This website is the main point of sale for the brand.

Our bags have been featured in luisa Via Roma, private sales for artists, in Asia through numerous point of sales, and are available at Shopuntitled in Nyc.


A full list of retailers will be available soon